About Me

Name: Patrick Hutchison
Occupation: Grip
Affiliation: IATSE Local 480
Primary Location: Albuquerque, NM
Birthdate: June 12, 1978

Xbox Live Gamertag: Nuwisha Raven
PSN Profile: Nuwisha
Steam Profile: Nuwisha55
Wii Friend Code: 0524001190325830*

Main site: http://www.nuwisha.org
Blog: http://blog.nuwisha.org
AMVs: http://nuwisha.org/Nuwisha/AMVs.html

Now that the requisite links and minor particulars are out of the way we can get into the interesting things…

I’m doing what I can figure out how to do to get a start in the film industry as a Grip. I’ve managed to get into IATSE in local 480 but after that it’s been a struggle for me.

I’m an annual passholder at Disneyland. Along with that I also have a collection of pins and Vinylmation figures. Yeah I know those don’t all go hand in hand with having an AP to Disneyland… But they go with the topic…

This section will function as a bit of a FAQ so if you have a question you’d like answered here send me an email at coyote@nuwisha.org.

*I don’t even have my Wii hooked up so it’ll be a while if you look for me there…

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