Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.

So I’ve been doing my usual near constant reading of twitter and there was a discussion about 2 prominent cosplayers and their want to get Brest augmentation. Now I know as a male of the species it sounds pretty typical that I’d be in favor of this. And I am in favor of it, but probably not for the reason most might think.

I’m a fan of body modification. Tattoos, piercings, Cosmetic implants. I’m a fan of them all.

Now hear me out. I’ve never really felt 100% comfortable in my own skin, and I’m happy to admit this. Every time I’ve gotten a new tattoo I’ve felt a little more comfortable. Now there are plenty of people who won’t ever be modified, plenty that think they aren’t but are, and the fortunate few who are comfortable unmodified.

So I’m going to work my way backwards on the list. Those who are comfortable as they are they are lucky and thus no fun to talk about so I’ll move on to those who think they aren’t amongst the modified but are. If you have pierced ears, as simple as that sounds, you are one of us. Sure they may not be gauged and you may not have a tattoo but you are still one of the modified… You have taken yourself beyond what you were born with. Then we move on to those who turn to change themselves but won’t due to fear, funds, or just about any other excuse… I can’t blame them… But many who would think of themselves in that category probably have some form of modification but don’t recognize it.

All in all, if people would realize that those who are modified in some form or another are closer to the majority than the minority and that modification of oneself is not necessarily a bad thing, the world might be a slightly more pleasant place…

Find your similarities… Not your differences… Be happy when someone does something that makes them feel more comfortable with who they are.

Jack London

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