Each year is a new year.

Happy New Year.

Since restarting this blog a strange amount of things have happened and I just haven’t really had the mindset to properly blog about anything. So here it goes again.

I’ve spent a LOT of time at Disneyland this year, and it’s been exceptional. I’ve met some really great people who’ve inspired me more than they will ever know.

It’s late and I really can’t think of too much right now… So I’ll go with just a few minor things…

I’m on twitter a lot more of late and if you message me @nuwisha I’ll get back to you fairly quickly. Also I’ve started writing again… Trying to find my footing again but I’ll get ther eventually.

I’ll try to remember to make a better post later with more info and maybe some pictures from my latest trip to Disneyland…

Tim Buckley

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I run this place. I used to be a call center phone monkey, but, I have since abandoned that for the film industry. In August of 2009 I became a member of IATSE Local 480 as a grip.
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