You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.

I really should plan to sit down with this more frequently but as much as I’d like to it’ll never really happen… Time has just made me too much of a recluse… But I’m going to try…

I’ve decided to put up a listing with images of my various Disney Vinylmation figures. No wish list or any such… Just what I have… Ad more reason to remember to open this up and post something…

Still doing my best to find another gig on a production… Still feeling like I can never catch a break on that end… Going to start working on writing fiction and short stories again… I have a few ideas and some things I want to try… I’ll try the standup comedy open mic thing at some point… But I think I need to work on putting my creativity into different areas…

Ray Bradbury

About Patrick Hutchison

I run this place. I used to be a call center phone monkey, but, I have since abandoned that for the film industry. In August of 2009 I became a member of IATSE Local 480 as a grip.
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