Do or Do not, there is no try.

Today I discovered the fastest way for someone to draw my ire… Look for things bad about Disney just because you don’t like that they now own Marvel and Lucasfilm…

Disney is not a bad company. They have had some missteps in the past, mostly during the later parts of various presidents. Too many geeks only seem to think of Disney in terms of what it was like in the later days of the Michael Eisner era. But not all that Eisner did was bad, but near the end he did a lot that wasn’t that great. And that lead to Robert Iger becoming president and the new course.

As I have no personal information what I’m about to say is purely speculation from my observations.

Disney purchased Marvel because they were for sale. Now one might not think that was the case but if there isn’t some dollar amount on a company it’ll never be sold. I believe that the price for Marvel was large because they were riding a high of the first films in the cinematic universe. But I believe that were it not for Disney one bad return on investment for the cinematic universe and Marvel would have ceased to be. Much like Squaresoft long before it became the juggernaut it is today when they were putting all their chips on red with the original Final Fantasy. Now Marvel has the larger corporate cover of Disney but they still function as a separate entity much like Pixar. Is there influence from Disney I’m sure there is, but I’m fairly certain Disney doesn’t have someone keeping a close eye on what happens in every story arc in every comic title.

As to Lucasfilm, George Lucas has earned his retirement. Yes, he did manage to make a small mess for most fans with the Star Wars prequels and the fourth Indiana Jones film. But, those really tell me that he needed to retire before this. And I feel George had three options, sell off each major property and branch (ILM, etc.) individually, sell off Lucasfilm as a whole, or shut down everything. I feel that the first and third options would have left George Lucas as a shell of himself, seeing what he had worked toward for his adult life either just gone or torn apart. So again we look at the price tag. Other than Disney what entity would be interested in Lucasfilm as a whole that wouldn’t end up just stripping it for parts. George had a good working relationship with Disney, one need only look at Star Tours or Indiana Jones and The Temple of The Forbidden Eye to know that.

I want more Star Wars. I want more X-men and Avengers, I want more Pixar films. And I’m glad that thanks to Disney I know those will happen for years to come.

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